Learn to Sew Info

Learn to Sew Info

Teaching your child to sew or teaching yourself to sew is fun and easy when using our easy to sew sewing curriculum for home schoolers. Our patterns and lesson plans are designed so that kids, teens and adults that are learning to sew will be able to have a successful experience. Our program and curriculum consists of: How to use the sewing machine, parents guide book, lesson plans, patterns for clothing and craft projects.

Our curriculums have been used by homeschoolers, girl scouts, private schools and other groups for years. If you home school your child and would like your child to learn to sew, you will be thrilled with our system. No prior sewing experience is needed to teach or to learn. All you need is a sewing machine, a Kid Sew Kit and you will be ready to begin.

No more guessing on how to teach your child to sew since directions are fun and easy to follow. To see a sample of our lesson plans, View Curriculum and have fun.

Our system is excellent for parent and child learning. No prior sewing experience is required. Our easy directions can help you teach your child to sew using our one hour, once a week lesson plans. Anyone can learn to sew using our system. You teach your child to sew and you can learn to sew right along your child.

Not only do we offer a full curriculum for teaching a child to sew, we also offer doll patterns and craft patterns also written and illustrated for the young sewer. These patterns have been designed to enhance your child's sewing experience.

Teach kids to sew with Kid Sew. Our patterns for kids to sew have been developed from over 20 years of experience and have supplied the homeschoolers for over 15 years. Kid Sew is the only one of its kind for teaching children to sew. Learn to sew with KidSew!

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Sewing Lesson Plans that kids can sew. Teach a child to sew using our curriculum with step-by-step comprehensive LESSON PLANS.

Lesson Sewing Plans for Home Schoolers
(System, Patterns, Directions, Lessons, and Curriculum).

*Guaranteed to teach sewing starting at age six with patterns and curriculum for girls and boys and teens.

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Comments from customers:
"My 9 year old daughter has been asking if she could learn to sew. I looked for sewing classes and didn't find any in our area. I have been hunting for patterns but could not find anything that really grabbed my attention. Then one day I came across the Kid Sew site and decided to order the first kit. When I received it, I couldn't believe how professional it was. The step-by-step lessons were easy to follow and I had no problem understanding the excellent kid friendly directions. I would rate this product A+ and recommend it to anyone. Nancy R.

"I will have to admit that I was skeptical at first but when I received the Level A Kit and begin sewing with my ten year old daughter, I was thrilled with the results. I and my daughter actually learned how to sew using the Lesson Plans because they were so easy to understand. My daughter has now made the Skirt, Shorts and Blouse. She loves it and I love it. Thanks for such an excellent curriculum."! Susan W.