1- Use patterns that are written especially for young children since they are easy to sew for kids.

 2- Teach your child how to use the sewing machine by starting out with easy to understand instructions.

 3- Gather your sewing supplies that is easy for small hands to use.

 4- Use a full sized sewing machine brand with kid friendly features.

 5- Ideal child's sewing age is 6+ when using easy to sew patterns for kids.

 6- Limit each lesson to a short time frame.

 7- Allow several classes to complete each project.

 8- Use sturdy equipment.

 9- Don't expect perfection at first.

10- Do have fun with your child.

(more information to come)

Tips and ideas on how you can teach your child to sew using easy to sew methods to make teaching sewing easy and FUN.

Kid Sew